Black and White Skull Stencil

This one’s ten years old this year.  Hard to believe I’ve been cutting even longer than that.  (mostly because of the lack of improvement)


©2006 Andrew Finch

Marvel's Deadpool


With the new movie coming out, I couldn’t resist making a Deadpool stencil.

©2015 Andrew Finch, Some Rights Reserved

The Shadow

Being a huge fan-boy of The Shadow, I decided to put together this quick 2-3 layer stencil.

I won’t go into the details until I have the video ready, but even something this simple was hell to work on, for so many reasons.

I’m going to go back and do a better one that will do the franchise much more justice when I have my head on right.

.38 Special Revolver

Check out the video of this painting being put together here.

Diving Helmet

Diving Helmet


Muddy Waters - Spray painted by Andrew Finch

Muddy Waters

Two Horses Too Many

Two Horses Too Many

Zombie Stencil

Zombie Stencil