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Naomi Gift Crate

Stencil for my cousin Tori’s baby shower.  Naomi is due soon!


©2015 Andrew Finch

The Shadow (Preview)

The Shadow

Still working on the finishing touches on a few stencils and portraits for friends and family, along with this guy. More updates soon.

Stencils: What Paper to Use

What’s the best paper to use when you make a stencil?

For me personally, it comes down to a few factors: how easy it is to cut through the paper, how much detail you can get, re-usability, cost, etc. I’ll go over some of the most common options, but don’t think that these are the only options.

I’m going to assume you’re like me: trying to get by with cheaper materials and still get a decent stencil out of it. Most of the stuff I’ve painted Read more